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Mary Jo’s homemade Lime pickles, Dill pickles, Bread & Butter pickles, and Zesty Bread & Butter pickles made from her favorite recipes. Homemade jams and jellies with unusual flavors such as lavender jelly, mint jelly, rosemary jelly, mango jam, red raspberry jam and many more. Mary Jo’s love of flowers has also inspired her to start creating pressed flower bookmarks; all from flowers out of her own garden additionally she makes unique and personalized handcrafted and crafted signs, decorative wooden crafts, and floral arrangements both fresh and dried. She also has hedge apples available in the fall. Mary Jo attends local farmers markets with her products, but her creations can also be shipped or delivered. Please contact us for custom made creations.


Duane, Mary Jo, Vance, Mason & Nolan
21392 G58 Highway * Milo, IA 50166
641-942-6500 * Cell: 515-238-6627
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